AST and the Local Sweepers did a fantastic Teamwork

Published 2018-01-15 17:53 | Author admin
“ I think the fantastic teamwork with the Ice here in Chengde, has been made by the extreme cooperation between new and old schools...where the AST and there people here could smooth the ice to a new level and the sweepers has been doing a fantastic work with their knowledge of the legendary and sometimes tricky piece of ice. If you also look at the ice in the Final where the sunny and warm weather easily could have destroyed the ice and that you could see that some part outside the court was melting the cooperation between ASTs sharpening and the local Sweeping made the ice clean smooth and dry to play on. On top of that we could show 2500 people an exciting WC final between Sweden and Russia, as I heard this is a WC record for woman Bandy outside Russia  according to Haed of Referee Olle Modin. But it was not enough with that also the Bronze game between Norway and Finland as well as the game China and USA to clear the top 6 in this tournament was over 1500 people” says Per-Erik Holmström and Wang Long for FIB and China Bandy