Published 2018-01-17 22:07 | Author admin
Dear Mr.Boris Skrynnik:
     On behalf of my fellow colleagues of Chengde Ice and Snow Sports and Roller Skating Association,and myself, I would like to express my profound respect to you and our beloved friends from FIB.
     We feel great honour that you and FIB presented us with the opportunity to host such an important sports event. We were all deeply touched and thrilled by your evaluating comments.
     I would like to express my great appreciation to you and all other distinguished friends of FIB. My special thanks to those who were appointed by you:Stig Bertilsson 、Olle ModinFIB 、Magnus SkoldFIB 、Mikael SandbergFIB、Stig Bertilsson 、Olle Modin 、Per-erik.holmstrom、Mr.WANG LONG,all referees...etc. Without their generous help and extreme efforts,we would have achieved nothing.Under the administration of you and FIB,surrounded by the great atmosphere of hosting 2022 winter Olympics and the hard work of Chinese Bandy Association,  Bandy  will be perbably , as we wished, added to the winter Olympics in the near future. The Association is more than happy to prepare for any possible cooperation in the future. As you mentioned,we will work hard together to achieve common goals and our mutual benefits. We, me and my colleagues, will continue to work hard as usual,and will devote  to promoting  bandy  in China. With the effort of our colleagues,I firmly believe that the younger generation of China will get to know bandy better and there will be more of them joining us with this game in the future.
With respects and kind regards.
Chairman, GUO CHAO 
Chengde Ice and Snow Sports and Roller Skating Association.